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Don't Do Link Building Says Carson Ward on SEOMOZ Blog

""If the last few months of ranking changes have shown me anything, it's that poorly executed link building strategy that many of us call white hat can be more dangerous than black-hat strategies like buying links. As a result of well intentioned but short-sighted link building, many sites have seen significant drops in rankings and traffic. Whether you employ link building tactics that are black, white, or any shade of grey, you can do yourself a favor by avoiding the appearance of link spam.
It's become very obvious that recent updates hit sites that had overly aggressive link profiles. The types of sites that were almost exclusively within what I called the "danger zone" in a post about one month before Penguin hit. Highly unnatural anchor text and low-quality links are highly correlated, but anchor text appears to have been the focus.
I was only partially correct, as the majority of cases appear to be devalued links rather than penalties. Going forward, the wise SEO would want to take note of the types of link spam to make sure that what they're doing doesn't look like a type of link spam. Google's response to and attitude towards each type of link spam varies, but every link building method becomes more and more risky as you begin moving towards the danger zone.""
Before you move to read on, This is blatant try to kill SEO, however it is not going to be, the author didn't left any practice which will help to increase search ranks. Please Note, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, and many more except Google+ and Linkedin are nofollow, they don't have any significance in SERP boost. 
Yes You can rely on Google, share, but when it comes to SMB's it becomes difficult to engage for services and products. So my suggestion is everything is good if it is going to be done in proper manner... From my personal experience as well as recent news that General Motors Doesn't "Like" Facebook, Drops Ads

17 Types of Link Spam to Avoid DON'T TRUST THIS ARTICLE, Rubbish views by this author on SEOMOZ, I wonder why this author went crazy. Author Carson Ward just wanted to say don't do link building, left it for me on SEOMOZ Blog. I've Posted This article to spread awareness. If you've any questions regarding it, you can reach me on twitter at @patelchaitanya 
Source: Daily Blog

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Friday, May 11, 2012

Facebook Tests charging users money to “highlight” posts

 "As Facebook closes in on the 1 billion users milestone, the social network is quietly testing a feature that will require users to open their wallets to bring more attention to themselves.

Likely related to proving Facebook’s revenue potential prior to the IPO, the social network is testing out a new feature that charges users to highlight a recent post among their friends. Within the example pointed out by Stuff, the user could pay $1.80 to bring extra attention to a specific Facebook status update, photo or video. The user would pay by credit card or Paypal to complete the transaction, however there is no indication that the user will be able to see metrics like how many of their friends actually saw the post. According to Facebook, the company is testing a variety of price points including free, but the free sample may just be an attempt to attract more users into the program."

It may happen very soon to that make you paid for highlighting posts on Facebook. Bad attempt, still lets see how it can work for business, it just in a testing procedure.

To Read more how facebook will charge users to highlights posts on fb.

Facebook tests charging users money to “highlight” posts

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