Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Now, the legendary Maruti 800 can ‘fly’


Maruti 800 – it was a car which stole the country’s imagination at one point of time and owning it was a thing to be proud of. Our very own Sachin Tendulkar was head over heels for the Maruti 800. So much so, that the little master bought a blue Maruti 800 as his first car.

Today, when so many other similar small cars have flooded the Indian car market, the Maruti 800 still stands out – why? – because it can fly!…thanks to the dedication and tons of hard work put in by AK Wishwanath from Karnataka’s capital, who aptly named the flying car “B’Lorean”

This flying car won quiet a few admirers at the Aero India Show 2001 in Bangalore. The car has rotor blades on its roof and vacuum space besides its wheels. This, reportedly allows the car to lift up like an aeroplane.

It has taken Vishwanath 16 long years and 40 patents to reach where he is now. The Director General of Civil Aviation has still not given the flying car the permission to fly. We hope this unique invention will get somewhere- it will surely ease out traffic problems a bit. (Bharat Chronicle news)

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