Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Indian Govt. Insists on Email Access from RIM

Indian Govt. Insists on Email Access from RIMTwo days ago, Canadian handset maker Research in Motion told The Wall Street Journal that the company will not be able to give corporate email access to the Indian government; mostly because the encryption keys that protect these enterprise emails rest with the ones who used them and not with RIM. India's Home Minister P. Chidambaram told reporters, "We will insist they give us a solution for [the] enterprise service too." And thus the tug of war between RIM and the Indian government continues.

The Indian government demanded BlackBerry Enterprise Services access mostly for security reasons to monitor and check for any activity that could hinder India's security. RIM has already given access to BlackBerry Messenger services for lawful interception by Indian security agencies. However, RIM has been quite adamant and straight forward about providing access to enterprise email. Time and again, RIM has been stating that what the Indian government is demanding is technologically impossible.

Chidambaram said that further course of action would be decided by the home ministry and the communications ministry together. The Indian government believes that strong encryption in the emails allows terrorists to communicate amongst themselves. As per RIM, the encryption keys of the enterprise email lies on the corporate services owned by the respective corporate company.

Now the argument and requirements are quite open and clear. The Indian government wants lawful access to monitor corporate emails and RIM defends saying that it's not feasible. Now, in this tug of war, several BlackBerry users fear that a ban on BlackBerry email services might be laid upon in case RIM doesn't offer the demanded solution.

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