Sunday, February 6, 2011

T-Mobile Galaxy Tab drops price down to $250

Could this be a pre-Honeycomb inventory dump? Perhaps, considering T-Mobile has slashed the Samsung Galaxy Tab price down to $250 which is at its cheapest to date. T-Mobile is offering the tablet device directly, but at that price point, it will be accompanied by a 2-year agreement, which makes you locked into it while you miss the range of Gingerbread tablets which are set to light up the world this summer. Of course, you might want to pick up the Tab on the cheap (at the moment anyways) as Samsung has reported that the return rate is clearly not as high as originally reported, so that ought to give you some added peace of mind. Some others might prefer to wait and pick up the iPad 2 when it arrives sometime this spring, assuming all speculations are right on the money.

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