Friday, February 11, 2011

India launch of Microsoft Windows Phone 7 this year

HYDERABAD: Microsoft plans to launch its Windows Phone 7 and search engine Bing in the Indian market this year, an official said here on Wednesday.

The software major's India development centre has fine-tuned the innovative applications of Bing for its launch in India.

"Windows Phone 7 will be launched in a few months but the date has not yet been decided," Amit Chatterjee, managing director of Microsoft India Development Centre (MSIDC), told reporters.

He did not agree that Windows Phone 7 already launched abroad is heavy and slow. "A number of products are to suit the demands of a billion satisfied customers all around the world. We are making all efforts to give them a brand new visual experience," he said.

He said the device allows Microsoft to bring together its assets like Office, Explorer and search engine Bing. The applications range from simple to those with more work flow.

Windows Phone 7 has already been launched in the US and other countries with its global partner HTC. Windows Phone 7 and Bing are two of the focus areas of MSIDC.

Chattterjee, who recently succeeded Srini Koppulu as the MD, termed Bing as a decision engine, quite different from the other search engines.

On cloud computing, Chatterjee said it offered great opportunity and MSIDC has a team focusing only on cloud computing.

Chatterjee said the centre has contributed to 270 patents filed during last five years.

He denied that Microsoft downsizing workforce elsewhere had any impact on MSIDC here. "We will continue our robust campus hiring. We will continue to recruit 150 to 170 graduates every year from the campuses across India," he said.

One of Microsoft's largest product development centres outside Redmond, MSIDC along with its Bangalore unit has a strong team of 1,650 employees and is developing new products and technologies for the global Microsoft portfolio.

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