Sunday, January 30, 2011

Plantronics rolls out Voyager Pro UC Bluetooth headset

Voyager Pro UC

Wireless communication seems to be a must in this ever-growing technological world. Extending its support, Plantronics has unfurled the Voyager Pro UC Bluetooth headset. The company’s smart sensor technology augments the overall communication experience.

Owners can conveniently answer incoming calls simply by placing the headset on their ear. The peripheral avoids accidental dialing by locking the call button and supports listening to streaming media and recorded webinars through A2DP technology. The smart sensor technology intuitively pauses streamed media from mobile phones and PCs whenever the headset is removed as well as resumes the stream when its worn again.

The company has come up with a software that further integrates the mobile and PC communications experience through the Voyager Pro UC. The utility level is further enhanced since the headset informs applications like Skype and Microsoft Lync whenever the user is busy and accordingly changes the status to busy. Owners can effortlessly swap between instant message chats to voice conversations just by placing the device on the ear.

“For years, mobile calling and computer-based communication services like Skype or Microsoft Lync have existed in silos,” remarked Renee Niemi, senior vice president of Communications Solutions at Plantronics. “The Plantronics Voyager Pro UC unifies and simplifies communications for today’s connected and increasingly distributed workforce by enabling accurate availability information and delivering intuitive features like smart call transfer. For 50 years, Plantronics has revolutionized the way we communicate and today’s announcement represents our longstanding commitment to innovation and making smarter communications a reality.”

The packed in highly portable mini-USB Bluetooth adaptor renders wideband audio for PC conversations and software that permits easy interaction between the PC and the handset. The solution also comes along with AudioIQ2 technology and three layers of WindSmart technology to accurately lower wind distortion. Equipped with a custom speaker, the newest entrant puts forth full-spectrum audio. The adaptive 20-band equalizer provides distortion-free audio and functions efficiently with AudioIQ2 technology to control sound with utmost ease.

Users in the U.S. can pick up the Plantronics Voyager Pro UC along with a mini-USB Bluetooth adapter and software that enables interaction between the PC and mobile phone for $199.95 (approx Rs. 9,183). This new headset will hit stores across Europe and Asia in February 2011.

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