Sunday, January 30, 2011

Cellphone offers clue to your personality

MELBOURNE: Believe it or not, mobile phones say quite a lot about their owners, says a new study.

Social analyst David Chalke said a person's mobile phone could give outsiders insight into their attitudes towards work, rest and play.

"Twenty years ago when you said 'your phone', you meant the white Telecom commander on the wall in the kitchen, but it doesn't mean that at all now it means your social accessory. In fact, a research by Roy Morgan revealed most attributes differed between owners of mobile phone brands.

The iPhone users thinks computers give them control over their lives. "iPhone is the Alfa Romeo," Chalke said. SonyEricsson users like a full social life. LG users are women aged 14 to 24. Samsung users tend to be conservative dressers over 50. "Samsung is the Daihatsu." Blackberry users are high-earners aged 35 to 49. Nokia users are unlikely to be aged 14 to 24 and less likely to have played arcade video games in the past three months, according to him. "Nokia is the security blanket."

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