Wednesday, January 19, 2011

VIA, Simmtronics Team Up for Green Computing

VIA has been out of the limelight for sometime now and having just resurfaced this CES with their Nano X2 microprocessor, other companies like Simmtronics are teaming up with the chip manufacturer to dish out low-cost, 'green' computers. Now, VIA and Simmtronics both have joined hands and launched a full line up of products, some of which include a sub-Rs. 10K SIGreen Computing, Simmtronics, VIA, VIA Simmtronics TeamMM PC.

The SIMM PC will feature a VIA C7-D 1.6GHz processor, 512MB RAM, and 250 GB HDD with a 15.6-inch LCD monitor, Ubuntu O/S plus a keyboard and optical mouse. All VIA mainboards offered by Simmtronics will have a 3 year warranty and local RMA support will be provided through nearly twenty authorized Simmtronics support centers. "Today's announcement further advances VIA's commitment to providing more powerful yet more energy-efficient computing platforms for our customers," commented Richard Brown, VP of International Marketing for VIA Technologies. He added, "The introduction of these products together with Simmtronics marks an important first step in our long-term plans for developing our presence in India and providing platforms that can bring the benefits of PCs to the next one billion users."

Green Computing

Simmtronics will also offer a selection of energy efficient motherboards with VIA C7 and Nano processors. Like the entry-level PC2000E+ green motherboard and the mainstream PC3000E+ and PC3500N platforms. Later on, we will also see a VIA VX900E based motherboard with DDR3 memory support.

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