Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Sony's AMD Fusion Based VAIO YB Uber-netbook Out

AMD's Fusion based portable computers have landed on Indian grounds, sooner than we expected. Fusion is basically AMD's new platform to take a stab at Intel's successful Atom processor; seen in most netbooks sold today. It promises to kick the Atom's ass in terms of full HD playback (Atoms can barely do 720p videos smoothly) and overall performance improvement, that too without sacrificing on battery backup. Sony puts this same platform in their VAIO YB series of uber-netbooks. They haven't mentioned any specifications in the press release they sent us, it was mostly full of dumbed-down promo-talk. But if the model is anything like what's gonna sell abroad, then we're looking at an AMD Zacate E-350 dual-core CPU running at 1.6 GHz, an AMD Radeon 6310 graphics chip on the CPU die itself (thus the moniker 'APU'). It will support up to 4GB DDR3 RAM and 500GB hard drive, Wi-Fi 802.11n, Bluetooth, VGA and HDMI ports to hook up to bigger screens, and finally three standard USB ports.


The VAIO YB series will have a 11.6-inch 1366 x 768 pixel display that's bigger than your average netbook display in terms of size as well as resolution. The 1.46 kilo also sounds quite fair, plus you get to choose between three colors - pink, silver and green. The VAIO YB series will start selling from Feburary 2 at Rs. 27,000 and we are excited to take Fusion-based babes like this for a ride.

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