Monday, January 24, 2011

Microsoft announces new release of CRM platform

Dynamics CRM 2011 to offer improved integration with Microsoft SharePoint and Link Online

Microsoft has announced a new release of Dynamics CRM. The online version costs $34 per user, per month.

The software maker is reportedly competing with other CRM platforms such as and Oracle CRM On Demand.

Oracle CRM On Demand starts at $75 per user, per month, while the cost of Professional services start at $65 per user, per month. Enterprise services start at $125 per user, per month.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM director Bill Patterson said the company will provide full sales, service and marketing functionality in its standard service unlike which does not offer marketing functionality or real-time intelligence unless one uses the Enterprise edition.

He added that Dynamics dashboards are continuously refreshed as compared to competing platform which require users to hit refresh, leading to additional charges when they exceed it twice per hour.

The Web-based interfaces, workflows and related alerts can be developed without coding, Microsoft said of its product.

Dynamics CRM 2011 also offers improved integrations with Microsoft products including SharePoint and Link Online.

The service is available outside of North America for the first time.

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