Monday, January 10, 2011

Lenovo innovates IdeaPad U1 hybrid notebook with detachable screen

‘Innovation’ seems to have just got a bigger definition. Lenovo has just revealed its new IdeaPad U1 hybrid notebook with a pioneering detachable screen. Exquisitely designed, this latest laptop offers two PCs in one device itself, each with its own operating system and processor.

Emphasizing on elegance, the notebook marks a smaller footprint in trendy scarlet red exterior. It has an amazing 3.8 pound weight for complete flexibility. The exclusive detach-and-converge pattern empowers users to effortlessly remove the screen and quickly switch to a multitouch slate tablet from clamshell mode. Its six-section screen display improves users’ overall mobile Internet experience since it renders multitouch access to several Web-based applications.

In its conventional clamshell form, the device flaunts an 11.6” HD LED screen and is powered by Windows 7. After the 1.6 pound multitouch screen is taken out, the newly found slate runs on a powerful ARM processor and Lenovo’s Skylight OS. Each mode, the laptop and tablet, supports over five hours of 3G Web browsing and sixty hours of 3G standby time.

The two stereo speakers featuring incorporated microphone boast of echo cancellation. Users can easily video call using the integrated video camera. These two devices can be synched together to work as one for further simplicity. The Battery power, 3G wireless, and data and documents can thus be accessed and shared on both the parts of the device. Thanks to Lenovo’s Hybrid Switch technology, these PCs are tailored to work together as well as independently.

The newest Lenovo IdeaPad U1 hybrid notebook is anticipated to be available beginning June 1 for $999 (approx Rs. 45,300).

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