Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Aircel renders voice updates for FB in India

New York, Jan 18: You don't have a smart phone, that allows to access Facebook when you are on the move, then you have something to feel happy. The Aircel subscribers can update their Facebook status by just calling 51555. Simply call and record the latest update, the message will be forthwith to your Facebook wall as an audio recording, which your friends can then just click to listen.

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The reason to introduce such a feature is the low percentage of smart phone users in India. When compare to the US and other Europe countries, the adoption of smart phones is very less in India. A statistic of 10 percent of young people use smart phones here.

This feature makes life easier for the Facebook users, they can update the status by simply calling to a number, instead of subscribing GPRS plan and buying a smart phone.

To avail this feature, Aircel users can call 51555, enter their credentials and update their wall from there.

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