Wednesday, January 19, 2011

IIM-A students give online tips to aspirants

AHMEDABAD: Nirav, who has got an interview call from the Indian Institute of Management-Ahmedabad (IIM-A) was clueless. He did not even know the word count of essay writing test that will be part of the interview process for IIM-A.
However he has found a solution to his worries from a current IIM-A student, who has helped him out with the relevant information. And there are many more like Nirav who have got a "leg up" from a web portal designed by the students of the institute, for wannabe IIM-Aites.
Students who are seeking to know more about the second stage of admission to IIM-A after cracking CAT, will now be able to consult such websites and clear their doubts. Students of the institute have designed a portal to address frequently asked questions (FAQs). The portal which was created last year, is a big hit among wannabes.
The queries from the students seek details on the essay test, interview process, steps to be taken in case of clash of interview dates, submission of supporting documents such as degree certificates, caste certificates and even on life at IIM-A.
Talking about the new initiative, Parampreet Bhasin, a student of IIM-A said, "While the same portal was used last year, this time we have posted the FAQs which is prepared based on the common queries received over the last few years."
Other students whose questions do not find their answers in the FAQs will get their answers from the IIM-A students by posting their queries on the address provided on the portal.
"If the question is on a general issue, then we will post it on the web portal. We might also mail the answers to their mail addresses if the issues are personal."
Secretary of media cell of the institute, Glen D'Silva said "We have chosen coordinators from diverse backgrounds so that all kinds of queries get answered. We are also offering help tips."

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