Thursday, January 20, 2011

Audi A8L: The Super Sedan

Text courtsey: Vikram Gour, ET Bureau

It takes more than just Maslow's Theory of Hierarchy to explain the 'Prestige' segment. It takes more than Newton's laws of Motion to define the sheer exhilaration of linear propulsion. However, it took just a nanosecond for the Audi A8L to convince that this sedan is fitted with superpowers!

It's tough to take on the best in the world and it is definitely a lot harder to stake claim to the numero uno position, especially when you happen to be a new product in the market, however, Audi India is leaving no stone unturned when it comes to their super sized sedan, the all new Audi A8L, where 'L ' stands for the long wheelbase version. This 5.27 meter long luxury barge is a literal translation of the very essence that embodies Audi and it promises to redefine the way we look at luxury cars.

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