Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Notion Ink Adam wont reach some pre-order customers until February 14

‘Delayed’ is probably the word that comes to everyone’s mind at the mention of Adam. For those who are not annoyed enough to ignore the reasons, the tablet may just be too popular for its own good. The official Notion Ink blog has ruefully stated that some customers will have to wait until February 14 before laying hands on the Adam.
The delay will reportedly affect a little over 5% of the pre-order customers. The cause for delay this time around is cited as the accidental damage of the touchscreen shipment. This blog post explains that the folks at Sintek will be working through the Chinese New Year week to make up for the lost units.
Although it’s a part of the shipment which was damaged as opposed to the whole, all orders have been pulled back since the defective and working screens cannot be reckoned manually. Disappointing, we know. Well, at least Valentine’s Day can be expected to play out smoothly for pre-order customers.

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