Sunday, April 24, 2011

BMW Vision EfficientDynamics spotted in Mumbai!

Mumbaikars had a rare opportunity to witness the BMW Vision EfficientDynamics concept car on the streets amidst the notorious Mumbai traffic. The car was in Mumbai as part of the Mission Impossible 4 filming. The crew of the movie are filming a scene where the BMW VED and a 2011 BMW 6-Series negotiate the chaotic streets of Mumbai.

The BMW Vision EfficientDynamics was first unveiled at the 2009 Frankfurt motor show. It is basically a Diesel hybrid which runs a 3-cylinder, turbo diesel powerplant combined with two electric motors. The hybrid configuration has enabled BMW to cut down on emissions and increase fuel efficiency. The Vision EfficientDynamics has been spotted at the Abu Dhabi circuit and a similar looking car will feature in the new Mission Impossible movie.

The BMW VED, although a concept at the moment could be put into production by late 2013 as Mercedes Benz has also announced plans of a similar car based on the F800 concept which according to Mercedes Benz officials could be possible in a couple of years.

BMW Vision EfficientDynamics stars in Mission Impossible 4

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